National Championship Round 5

Donington Park Race Report: British Championship Round 5

Qualifying – P5

Qualifying was a busy session to say the least with everyone was fighting for track position at the beginning of the session as a tow would prove to be crucial to getting a fast lap. To end the session in P5 after setting my quickest time with no tow was a good result as it meant I was in the mix with the leading group for Race 1. 

Race 1 – P7

A great initial start saw me hold my position on the run to turn 1, however I got boxed in on the apex which allowed the car on my outside to get passed on the exit. The opening laps where chaos as everyone was running in a line not prepared to give an inch. On lap 2 the car behind ran into me at the hairpin which pushed me almost into a spin and subsequently lost me a position. The remainder of the race was littered with ‘Code 60’ which meant it was impossible for me to really mount any kind of attack and progress back the the front. To end P7 at least kept me in the hunt heading into Race 2 as I knew both the car and I were easily quick enough to progress back to the front.

Race 2 – P4 

Race 2 started very poorly as my initial get away was slow, this allowed the other cars to swamp passed me and I dropped to P14 by turn 1. From then on I got my head down and carved my way through the slower cars in front in the first few laps. Again the race was briefly interupted with ‘Code 60’s’ this halted my progress through the field for a few laps, a podium may have been possible without this Code 60 as on the last lap I had managed to catch the leading group and was about to make my move to take P3 when the chequered flag was put out and I had to settle for P4. Overall this race was satisfying as I showed my true pace when I made my way through the field, also managing to overtake 10 cars in the 5 racing laps we had was also very enjoyable. 

Race 3 – P5

The reverse grid for race 3 meant I started from P5, My start was better for this race as i held my position into turn 1. From this moment onwards the race was chaos, I made my move around the outside into turn 1 on lap 2 to move into P4 and set about catching the leaders. Unfortunately another ‘Code 60’ was needed to clear a stranded car, during a ‘Code 60’ you have to maintain the gap to the car in front, however the drivers behind me closed up by around 3 seconds which meant on the restart all my hard work in the previous laps to get away was undone. This ultimately cost me a chance of a podium as i now had to defend instead of attack. I dropped to P5 at the hairpin due to damage i had picked up on lap 1 was costing me huge amounts of time in the slow corners. To cross the line in P5 was a little frustrating as i felt i should have been challenging for a podium had it not been for the other drivers closing up under ‘Code 60’.

Overall round 5 was a solid weekend, The points I picked up in all 3 races keeps me P3 in the overall championship which was the main aim going into the weekend. 
The results themselves don’t reflect the true speed we had over the weekend, or the hard work put in by everyone in the team. 
Onwards to Castle Combe this weekend for round 6

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